I'm in my entrepreneur bag-iana
Just launched via Kickstarter, "Honey" is a musical project that will dive deep into telling black queer love stories authentically. The good, the bad…
Things people have said to me instead of just getting my pronouns right.
What I've learned between pre-pandemic me and now
Dissecting my top 5 songs that helped me get through 2020 (according to Spotify)
Reflections on the past few months and avoiding all the L’s
National Coming Out Day | The Gag EP 5: I’m Coming OutListen now (19 min) | Welcome back to Episode 5 of The Gag! We’ve been hard at work making sure our shit pops severely. So hopefully you enjoy this…
Working While Queer | The Gag Ep 4: WorkListen now | Welcome back to the fourth episode of The Gag! In each episode, we pay homage to our favorite songs and talk about the themes of the music…
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