What Your Spotify Playlist Says About You

Dissecting my top 5 songs that helped me get through 2020 (according to Spotify)

I think as far as years go twenty-twenty deserves the undisputed grand prize for being the most ghetto. This year contained a lot of lows and lows and music was the main thing that got me through. Therefore, in this post I want to present my TOP 5 SONGS OF 2020 (according to Spotify) and the reasons why these tracks were on heavy rotation. I will try my best to be as honest and descriptive as possible so please check it out below, and also keep in mind imma cancer.


    • Ok so boom, I stumbled upon Snoh Aalegra early in the year and it was at a point right before the pandemic where I was doing stand up comedy every week and trying to get better at my craft. Open Mic’s in Brooklyn can either be fun as fuck or hella funky depending on the night. Comedy can be lonely. I was trying to find a genuine connection with someone in the comedy scene, but it was a daunting task because you know — hoes be fake. So I would play this song often and manifest what it would be like to meet someone who was down for me, who would accept me for who I am, and who would be by my side through thick and thin — and then I would snap out of it and hit the blunt, and head to my next set.

  2. SQUARE 1 - MAHALIA ✨💔🥴🎶

    • 2020 was the year of mixed signals. I’m not sure if y’all can relate or not but did you find yourself scrambling for a pandemic boo right when lockdown started? I think I got super invested into trying to get into a relationship at the worst possible time. Literally the world was burning and I was trying to be boo’ed up before the apocalypse. I don’t know, I’m not trying to tell y’all all my business but let’s just say this song got me through it.


    • I really miss concerts. I miss standing in long lines at music festivals in the blistering heat for 12 dollar french fries — while plotting how to sneak into VIP. If you’ve ever seen Solange live you know when this song hits it’s pure magic. I can try to explain it but it’s one of those things you have to experience for yourself.


    • Imagine this, you escape the place where the cases are the highest in the country and you head back to your hometown, Houston, to get some respite and suddenly H-Town has the highest cases in the country. Basically I would play this song to ease my anxiety and then I would risk my life to go to Whataburger.


    • What can I say y’all? I’ve realized the older I get the more I resonate with 90’s R&B. I had some issues this year that can best be described as Grown Folks Business. All I can say is I learned a lot about relationships, and mental health, and how important it is to take care of yourself. And through all the chaos and the ups and downs of 2020, I’m thankful I found peace and solace through music.

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